August 16, 2015


Invite us for HEALTH check of your plant: Stay SAFE & Stay AHEAD!

MonitPro® is here to transform manufacturing processes and systems so that our customers can become world class, globally competitive and sustainable in the long term. We serve different industries through various Industrial Consulting, Engineering services, Workshops and Training such as:

  • Process Safety Management (PSM): PSM standards guide Process industries to achieve GOAL ZERO – Zero Incident, Zero Injury, Zero Loss, Zero LTI. The PSM performance is a function of managing the systems and ensuring operational discipline of implementation. MonitPro helping Chemical Industries towards PSM Excellence and Operational Excellence by doing PSM GAP Assessment, Coaching and Skill Development, Standard Development, PSM Audit of facilities for continuous improvement. We follow the OSHA, OISD and CCPS standards and guidelines in Implementation to achieve organizational business goals.
  • Proactive Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Performance Optimization studies for various systems such as Utilities, Process, and Energy systems
  • Engineering and Documentation Services (SOPs, SOCs developments), Safety Audits, HAZOP/SIL Reviews, Alarm Rationalization, QRAs,
  • Industrial Services such as Project Management, Start-ups, Decontamination, Shut-downs, PSSR audits, Energy Audits, Catalyst Loading Support, Process Debottlenecking and Commissioning etc.
  • Training and Skill Development services on Petrochemical, Refinery, Process Industries, Operations, Utilities, HAZOP, PSM etc. for Operators, Engineers and Managers. Rating for the training has been rated Excellent (4.5/5.0) by the participants.
  • Petroleum Refinery Training: MonitPro has Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on Refining and Petrochemical Technologies such as Crude/Vacuum Distillation, Delayed Coker, Fluid Cat Cracking, Hydrotreating Technologies etc. Contact us for all your industrial training needs. Our training and troubleshooting sessions have been rated one of the best by the refiners.
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Audit, Safety Audit: MonitPro has conducted OHS Audit of various manufacturing plants as per the IS14489 standard and provide practical recommendations for companies to comply with regulations as per the factories act as well as ensure continuous improvement of the facilities.
  • Electrical Safety Audit: MonitPro engineers conducts Electrical Audit as per the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) Regulations and provide recommendations for compliance and Electrical Safety.
  • Process Consulting: Conceptual/Feasibility Studies, Process Simulations, Engineering Services (Basic Engineering Package), Detailed Engineering and Project Management.
  • Business Consulting: Market Research and Market Analysis, Strategy Development of your business Unit and help in due diligence, Mergers & Acquistion to stay ahead in business.

Industries that MonitPro serve:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Refineries
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals, Pesticides
  • Paints & Pigments
  • Food Processing
  • API Bulk Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and formulations
  • Power & Utilities
  • Fertilizers & Cements
  • Sugar Industries
  • Other Manufacturing industries

Customer Feedback on Refining Technologies & Troubleshooting Workshop – Coker Plant

“Entire Capability building workshop was alive, refreshing and enriching our people’s knowledge. We are able to clear our doubts and troubleshoot our existing problems in the Coker unit. I wish the management conducts similar workshops in the future.”  – Mr. Balasubramaniam, Coker Plant Manager, CPCL-Chennai

Customer Feedback on Utility System Troubleshooting Work

“We had a problem in heating up of our lube blending kettles. We requested MonitPro to review  the steam system to identify the issues and bottlenecks. MonitPro have studied the steam & process system and proposed solutions to resolve the above issues.”   – Mr. Mohammed Adam, Production Manager, IOCL-Lube Plant, Chennai