August 16, 2015

Our company

Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 – Gain Manufacturing Edge!

Our Vision: “MonitPro is passionate about our Customer’s business Success and Sustainability by providing Performance Improvement Solutions & Services and helping to create a better world.”

        Our Values:

  • Integrity: We will have highest values and ethical principles
  • Respect: We treat everyone with full respect and honesty
  • Hard work: We will give our best in whatever we do
  • Innovation: We continuously upgrade on our procedures, systems and technologies to add value to customers
  • Customer Satisfaction: We provide Quality products, solutions and services to our customers
  • Sustainability: We act responsibly towards having a better community and planet

MonitPro Solutions Pvt Ltd provides Process Consulting, Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing solutions, Technical Training and Industrial Services to manufacturing industries. MonitPro transforms manufacturing to “Smart Manufacturing” and helps in “factory digitization” to improve business performance.

Whether small or large scale industries, MonitPro® software  can be deployed to monitor factory operations such as Equipment, Processes, Quality, HSE, Audit and Compliance to achieve operational goals, comply with regulations and become innovative & agile organization. Our engineers work with you to solve your problems and design solutions that meet your needs. We help you improve your monitoring practice by providing a better system: e-data capture, store, retrieve, visualize for  data analysis,  better decision making and quicker actions. The result is – Increased plant reliability, Reduced maintenance cost, Enhanced employee productivity and Improved profit margin.

MonitPro is selected to the final jury of CII Industrial Innovation Awards-2016, conducted at pan India level.

MonitPro-CII Industrial Innovation Award Certificate 2016

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