August 16, 2015


Get Right Data, at Right Time, in Right way for Better Performance

MonitPro® software is designed by engineers, who have rich experience in operations, process monitoring expertise in various manufacturing industries, including oil and gas. MonitPro software can be customized for all your technical monitoring requirements. Whether Batch or Continuous process, we can provide total solutions for all your monitoring needs. Our mobile and web based applications can be installed in your systems and devices and can be hosted in your servers (or cloud servers). MonitPro software helps you to visualize your data, perform calculations, analyze KPIs, collaborate with your colleagues, schedule and track maintenance activities, comply with regulations, do audits, and generate reports.

Following are our products that are designed meet your factory and facility needs:

MonitPro-e-Log: Say good bye to pen and paper based log sheets. Embrace e-Log! Your field operators will love our Mobile App! During shift rounds, the field operator can capture with mobile devices, and the data sent to cloud servers and retrieved quickly through web application for process performance analysis.

MonitPro-LIMS: Job made easy for the lab technicians to entering laboratory data (Quality specifications) and readily available for analysis across the organization for Quality Control (QA) and Quality Assurance (QA). This will work as Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to generate reports and COA generation.

MonitPro-ProM: Grabs data from various automation systems such as DCS, PLC, SCADA systems through interfaces such as OPC. The integrated data readily available at engineers and manager’s desk. Let’s stop going after the data; let the data come to you quickly.

MonitPro-Rel Track: Let Monitpro develop database for all your equipment and machines and help you to plan and execute your Preventive Maintenance system systematically. Assign and Track all your maintenance activities and checklists through mobile and web applications. Ensure Reliability and Condition Monitoring (CM) recommendations get tracked and implemented to ensure highest onstream factor. Let us keep up your equipment uptime, reliability and availability to improve plant productivity.

MonitPro-iOT: MonitPro has developed proprietary iOT gateway device, which can be fitted to equipment such as compressors panels, energy meters, instruments, PLCs and Micro processors. The data is automatically collected and transferred for integrated performance monitoring of various machines.

MonitPro-PharmEx: We have developed the software that suits the requirements for Pharmaceutical ( both API and Formulation Unit) industries. Our software meets the guidelines of Title 21 Part 11 CFR compliance and the same product can be availed  as needed by customers.

e-WPS & CMS: Our e-Work Permit System (e-WPS) software is very popular and can help your team to create, track and manage Permit to Works (PTWs) efficiently in the factory. This has add on modules available for Contract Management System (CMS) and HSE functional portal.

Track-EHS with IMS & CAPA modules: Incident Management Safety System help companies to record, report, track, manage, minimize and learn from incidents/Near misses that occur. It is the tool required for every organization to Track-EHS activities, improve productivity by ensuring Corrective Action and Preventive Actions (CAPA) completed without delay. Let us help you to build a portal for all your Environment, Health and Safety (EHS 4.0) activities at your plants so that employees can seamlessly interact, learn, collaborate and excel.

Training & e-Learning Modules: We will develop custom learning safety modules and maintain and monitor of training records  for your employees and contractors to learn, test and certified in order to meet job requirements, comply regulations and achieve “Goal Zero”.

Consider MonitPro® and Solutions now for your factory and business to transform your operations and get into “Digitization” and “Smart Manufacturing”! Future Proof your manufacturing business for Industry 4.0 and Gain Manufacturing Edge!